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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hi There,
Here goes my "Kilt Pins" for the swap over at Y.P.P.  The theme for the Pins are "Vintage Christmas".  I got the charms over on Red Lead site and the little jingle bells are from SU. The ginger bread man and the other charms and the pin, all came from Red Lead.

What do you think?  Not bad, I'm happy the way this turned out.  Ü

Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Organized Mess.  I stamp and craft in my dinning area.  We all don't eat together anymore,so I figure make use of that space.  It may not be a room all to yourself, but at least I am and know where everyone is going and doing. Did that make sense? I found that at least 70% of stamper and scrappers work in the dinning area.  The seating area are benches with cushion and they also act like a storage space.  You lift up the seat area and both benches have a big space to store, more papers and more goodies.

Some of my Crafty Space...lol

Here is some of my Crafting space.... Hubby got me this cupboard to store some of my stuff. My favorite papers and do dads, and hording things...lol   What a organized mess...lol lol Ü Ü

52 Things Swap

Hi Everyone.  I've finally finished the 52 Things.  This was a swap over on YPP.  I altered each card.  I think this is why it won't close like a deck of cards...lol  I used all kinds of things. The front cover was painted with Copper paint from the Ranger paint daubers. An inchie of a vintage lady I made. The key hole is from Tim Holtz's, I've also added Tim Holtz Charms.  The black rubber rings are from 7 Gypsies.  I hope my 52 Things swap makes it to my partner.  She lives down under.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thanks for visiting.  
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

52 Things Swap....

Well, isn't this terrible... I have posted in a while. Here goes a post for today...
I'm in a swap called "52 Things Swap". This is where you get a deck of vintage cards and alter them anyway you would like. That's 52 cards to alter and bind. It's a one on one swap with your partner. I hope my partner will like hers. She is from Down Under and she is a sweet person. Here goes the start of mine... I have the cover all done. I also have a stamp set that is "A B C's of Friendship", they are going to work out perfect. So I'm good for the first 26 cards...lol
Cover for the mini book:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stamp In The Hand stamps.

Palette Stamping

Done with Staz on inks-

This is done with Staz On Inks...

Dreams Do Come True


Here we all are, In the Magic Kingdom... This was the second time for the boys to be here, with all four of us. I went down in 1975 and then went back down with Denny when I was pregant with Nick. We also went to MGM, Epcot Center. We've been down a lot 'cause that's where my mother inlaw live. We got free passes from Kellogg's to all theme parks and for a week that sure was nice.
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Little Bit about the Gran Flordian


Here goes some history about this resort. It'is so beautiful inside and out. Talk about your fresh flowers smell, the scent all around resort was wonderful smell.
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Big Aviary..


Sorry the pic is a little blurry, my hand shook when I just snaped the pic. Anyway, we were put up in this luxaury resort "Grand Floridian" thanks to Kellogg's. I fell in love with the aviary, it's so huge but so pretty in person.
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flight Down to FL


Now my hubby can stop saying... "when we are on the tarmat and in the jet, that's when I say it's true, we did win!!!"
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10 degree Departing for Florida


Wow, we couldn't believe how bitter cold it was in 2004.
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We Won, We Won


Thanks Pop Tarts and Kellogg's.
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We are now One
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I do Wed...


This is one of the album layouts I have done for our wedding photos.
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Smash 2

My swap Partner Carolyn made me extra a mini book for notes and the tag. Don't you just love how it matches my cover on my Smash Book. Love the foil on these ds papers.

Smash Book Swap

I was in a Smash book swap. These are so popular and products from K&Company are sold out. Glad a I got my Pink smash book along with all the things you can add to your book. Anywho... Swap was to make a Smash book and send it to your partner and she in return send you her smash book for you . We could put titles on the book but my partner and I decided to leave blank, this way we could put anything for the title.
Here my smash book from my partner Carolyn. Oh the swap was over in YPP.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Rolodex ... Roldexing with my Homies Swap...

For this month's theme for the Rolodexing with My Homies Swap over at YPP.
Theme- My Favorite Artist- see if you can guest whom that may be....


Yep, I felt it here in NW PA. I was sitting in my desk chair finishing up on my swaps and putting address on them. And all of a sudden, my chair stated moving and the house was swaying... Then when I thought it stopped and swayed a little more.
You could hear the house settle. This is not the first earthquake we had, when Nick was a senior in school, he was up in the bathroom on the throne, and yelled down to me and asked what was that. I told him Earthquake. There is a fault from NY all the way down south. When I was in CA, there was a Earthquake then, I think it was only 6.0. Here I thought the west coast was only suppose to get them.
Oh well, all is well and nothing a shaking here tonight.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rolodex -Theme Marie Antoinette & Charm-Summer Theme

We were to make a rolodex card with a Theme Era of our choice. I chosen the 1700's and I choose Marie Antoinette. I got all of my trims and the purple Boa feathers (which was on a roll, so I bought the whole role) same with the trim and beads, I bought to spools each of the trim, one role is clear beads and the other pink. The paper is from the Mademoiselle paper which is from DCWV. I love this paper.
What do you think?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Rolodex Swap on YPP

These are the ten that I got back from the Rolodex swap over on YPP. Everyone did such a nice job. Next month is going to be Theme "You pick an Era". This swap was anything goes.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Charmed I'm Sure- YPP

I made these charms for the swap over at YPP.  The theme of the charm swap is "Masculine" to honor Father's Day.  I alcohol inks on some of the nuts and washers and some other pointy thing.  I also use Tim Holtz springs and his light bulbs as well, To get them to stay on the swivel clasp charm I used those locking plastic ties that men use out in the garage.  I also used some of the tissue tape (Tim Holtz) and put on the washers.
Sorry for the blurriness, but hope you can see them. Oh I also added the little hanger from Tim Holtz's things.

Rolodex Swap continued...

Here is another Rolodex card... I just used a Transparency and stamped flowers and painted the flowers a yellow.  It really doesn't show on here. We are suppose to give our info on paper and let the other person decide if she wants to use our info on one of her cards that been altered,  
I had these already cut out using the SU address and phone card die.  So I just printed out some address labels and put all info on the labels and then adhered them to this Rolodex card, I like how it turned out to.  I also added glitter in the flowers and all around the open spaces on both sides.

Swaps- YPP

I've been doing a lot of swaps over in YPP.  You should join if love swaps and charms and pins of all kinds.  I'm in a Rolodex swap, we left the back open for the person receiving them can put any information on the back.
Here goes my rolodex...

I am having a tad bit of a problem with my camera, I used the mini rosettes die from Tim Holtz,The saying on the punched out square 
which is Marthra's new anywhere punch, it looks exactly like the one in SU catty's. And the saying says "Friendship Warms the Heart" which is in a set with other mini sayings from Hero Arts. Then added some ribbon which is from Hobby Lobby.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Day At The Spa... Ü

Hi Everyone,
Wow, it's been a while since I blog anything.  I'm here today to take care of that.  How can I not Blog my favorite child ... Chloe... She had a day at the spa today, all her fur from underneath is all gone (fur buster) and won't be shedding like she has been.  Her toe nails all trimmed down and smooth, her bath had nice scent on her and got an extra conditioner... lol  She looks so pretty, and to top it all, She is also Blinging... Yes, my girl has some bling on her.  Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I love my girl.

                                                     "Day At The Spa..Look at the Results"

                                                  " Can you see her bling on the bows?"
How much cuter can she get. Ü Ü Money well spent on my little girl.  You can really see the blonde fur on her now. Ü

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Journal Spots Swap

I made these Journal Spots for a Swap I'm in over at YPP. I was a tad nervous at first,and then I thought these are just like making Christmas tags, only on a bigger level.   I made pockets out of dies... Tim Holtz dies, the other die is Top Note from Stamping Up.  We had to use the new paper by Pink Paisley Butterfly Garden.  I stamped on the back journal lines and also on the tags.  If you want you could put a picture on the front of these pockets as well.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Atc Swap- Soul Sister's "Anything with flowers"

I made this for The Soul Sister's Group that I'm in.  This is an Atc and the theme was flowers.  So I figure I would use my new mini Rosette that Tim Holtz has out.  The paper is from Tim Coffey's "Blossomwood" papers.  I used Martha Stewart's Butterfly punch.  And added little drops of pearl using liquid pearls. I also have some glitter in the center of the flowers.  It doesn't show up to well here.
I have some more swaps I need to work on.  I was up late last night working on this one.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Charmed I'm Sure Swa...

These are Charms I made for the swap over at YPP.  I so glad I joined the group.  Many nice gals there.
I just hope my work is good enough.  You know how hard we all are on our work we do.  We critique ourselves up and down and all around.  What do you all think?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Altered Rolodex

I made this a few years back when doing a swap with a group of girls from RST group.  I love how my altered Rolodex turned out.  I painted it a gold color and took my stamp that has script and stamped all over.   Adding a flower and name plate on top.  I think we had a Rolodex swap in the yr. 2000.  It is a great way to get to know your friends and their b-days and any other info they wanted to put on the Rolodex card.  We all altered the front of Rolodex cards with all info on back.  It was a fun swap.  ( I hosted this swap back in 2000)
Here goes some pics of what I did to my Rolodex holder.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paper Diva... Thanks Amy..

Hi Everyone...
I rec'd a lovely Rak package from a special friend who lives down in GA. She sent me some goodies...Amy sent me a "bling ring", like she said "I'm Now In The Group"...lol  It's in my favorite color "purple with a green bling in the center of it".  I so love the ring and all the other goodies she sent me... Vinyl package from MM that you can use in the Slice Machine which I have. Some ribbons and lace and other goodies. And here is the cutest card I ever did see....  She made it all with her cricut.

This card is really cute. And yes, I can be the
Paper Diva...lol  Thanks a bunch Amy, your a good peach. lol Ü Ü

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Swap for YPP-Stick To It- March

These stick pins I've made are for the YPP group that I joined. We are to make three stick pins for each swapper (5 swappers=15 pins) Make each set of pins different so that each swapper gets three different pins from you. Hope that made sense. As you can see, I'm finally back on the creative side of life, now that my son is doing good and out of the hospital. We had to make them with a green color. So far here is my first set for the swap.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Maureen .. Vintage Tag and Valentine's Card

Don't you just love these... Thanks again Maureen for the lovely Valentine's you sent me.  Here is a lovely tag she made and also the Valentines Vintage card.  Love them.

Valentines Charm Swap...

Here is my Beautiful Valentines Vintage Charm Swap that we have been doing from Enorma (our hostess) My partner for Valentines was Maureen.  She did a wonderful job, and I was so happy when I got her Vintage charm swap (Tim Holtz's Swivel clasp) in the mail.  Isn't this so very Vintage and cute, we had to have lace somewhere on our Clasp.  She also included some lovely charms and beads for me, and clasps to make another one.  Thanks Maureen.

Happy Valentines Everyone~

Happy Valentines.  Tomorrow is Valentines Day and I can't tell you how sweet it's going to be for us all here at home.   My son was in a car accident last Saturday,he survived and I'm so Happy.  He is lucky to be alive.  That's why too, I haven't been posting to my blog. He is home now recovering.  Keeping with the Valentines theme I'm posting some wonderful things I got for Valentines.  First up is a card from a wonderful thoughtful sweet person who is like a sister to me... The card is from Amy down in GA.  I love the papers and love the whole lay out on this card.  Thanks Amy.