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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stamp In The Hand stamps.

Palette Stamping

Done with Staz on inks-

This is done with Staz On Inks...

Dreams Do Come True


Here we all are, In the Magic Kingdom... This was the second time for the boys to be here, with all four of us. I went down in 1975 and then went back down with Denny when I was pregant with Nick. We also went to MGM, Epcot Center. We've been down a lot 'cause that's where my mother inlaw live. We got free passes from Kellogg's to all theme parks and for a week that sure was nice.
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Little Bit about the Gran Flordian


Here goes some history about this resort. It'is so beautiful inside and out. Talk about your fresh flowers smell, the scent all around resort was wonderful smell.
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Big Aviary..


Sorry the pic is a little blurry, my hand shook when I just snaped the pic. Anyway, we were put up in this luxaury resort "Grand Floridian" thanks to Kellogg's. I fell in love with the aviary, it's so huge but so pretty in person.
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flight Down to FL


Now my hubby can stop saying... "when we are on the tarmat and in the jet, that's when I say it's true, we did win!!!"
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10 degree Departing for Florida


Wow, we couldn't believe how bitter cold it was in 2004.
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We Won, We Won


Thanks Pop Tarts and Kellogg's.
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We are now One
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I do Wed...


This is one of the album layouts I have done for our wedding photos.
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