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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Crazy Yet?... lol

Are you Crazy Yet?... 

Here go a few more crazies in the house.  I like everyone else think these birds are crazy... Here goes some Atc's of them...


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"2016 Happy New Year" Crazy Birds...

"2016 Happy New Year" Crazy Birds...

I made this for a swap over on the Pl network.  For New Year's...woooo hooooo

I got these for Christmas and love them and the framelits that come with the Crazy Birds and the Crazy Bird Things...lol  

Here is what I did... I stamped and embossed on "Paint Chip Samples"... I'm not really all that good in coloring the Crazy birds yet, but thought I take advantage of all my paint chips that I've collected over the years... So they are my "Mixed Media type Crazy Birds" Enjoy and Happy New Year!


Monday, December 7, 2015

Pocket Letter Oranment Fun....

Christmas Ornament Fun...

I like everyone else love Target's Dollar Spot... And like everyone else dig through the bins to find those awesome fun goodies for our Pl or our planners and whatever else...lol

Last week, I ran across a pack of these wooden deer and and these cute Merry Christmas words and also I grabbed the tiny velvet bow ties.... :-)  

I decided to amp them up and use them on my pl to decorate the front for my Christmas Theme pl for my pals.

I sponged on some gold paint and then sprinkled some UTEE on top and used my heat gun to give it some interest to the deer and some texture.  I did the same with the Merry Christmas pieces too.  I then glued on the pieces on top of the deer.   Waaaaaaaa -laaaaaaaa

A cute Christmas ornament... Something cheap and easy and yet so cute.  Take a look... what do you think?

Pocket Letter Fun... 

Friday, December 4, 2015

2nd Christmas Pocket Letter 2015

My 2nd Christmas Pocket Letter 2015




One of my First Pocket Letters for Christmas:

 Gee it's been a while since I've posted... Here goes one of my first Pocket Letter's for Christmas theme:

Front: I used my stamps and gold embossing powder... the stamped Gold embossed Santa face the saying says "Working for Milk and Cookies"...lol  The shaker (bottom right corner) I put confetti in... the confetti shapes are candy canes and Gingerbread men and Christmas light bulbs.  And there is confetti in the one pocket where the snowman is.  The tag is stamped and the tag is canvas. :)

 Back :

 I stamped and embossed the House Mouse with the bows on their heads and Used 3 D Lacquer (it's an envelope for pocket letters... :) ) I also used Red Tinsel embossing powder on the other envelope where the Santa face is in the center, I also stamped and embossed in red Merry Christams.  I used some decorative ribbons to cover two of the pocket cards.  The bottom center is a stamped and embossed snowman and the saying above his head is stamped and embossed in red and says "Fat snowmen last longer". :)  The Happy New Year stamped image is embossed in Gold embossing powder. Along with the gold snowflakes (stamped and embossed) on the top left pocket and the saying is also embossed and says "My Friends Are All Flakes"... lol

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Steampunk Pocket Letter


I haven't made anything Steampunk in a while and a Pocket pal wanted to do a Steampunk theme.  I used my Tim Holtz cartridge Stamp and Cut along with my Eclips machine along with some Steampunk embossing folders and some doo-dads for embellishments.  I hope she'll be "Lovin It". :-)



Monday, October 19, 2015

"Christmas 2015" Rolodex 3 x 4 Swap

For a Swap over on FB... "Christmas 2015 Rolodex 3 x 4 Swap... All Christmas Theme

I used various things and embellishments and stamps and cs.


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Halloween.... Spooky

I made this for my Pocket Letter Pal...

"Halloween Theme" 

I used papers from Michaels Recollections stack...love the Gold foil backgrounds and Owl and Moon and the pumpkins... and the confetti that were in the test tubes from Michaels... Silver and Purple And Black bats in one test tube and then the other white skulls,orange and black pumpkins in two other test tubes and the last one black spiders in the the test tubes.  And I have so much confetti left in the test tubes for others and shakers plus save for next spooky season...lol

Here go the front and back views of my Halloween Pocket letter.


Monday, September 14, 2015

"Autumn Theme Pocket Letter"

Autumn Theme Pocket Letter for a Pal...

I went walking outside with my lovely fur baby today. I saw all the leaves that are changing colors and falling to the grass. I decided to take some Nature inside with me, so I picked some up.  Decided to send these to the pal who doesn't get to see the colors change on the leaves, she lives down south in FL.  :)  I got her pocket letter in the other day. :-)  So, I figure I'd fuse the leaves to preserve them and easily send them down with the Pocket Letter. 

I used some "Indian Corn" embossing powder on the bottom right corner that I cut out with my Eclips machine. The other embossing powder is Opalite Black, which has gold and different kinds of glitter to really make the leave look like it changed different colors. :)  I used my favorite Vellum there that is the center pocket... It has gold embossed leaves on the reddish vellum color.

I tuck some goodies in the back, the paper is double sided with nice design on the back. The paper is from K& Company designer "Tim Coffeey".. His old Fall theme designer paper. :)  Hope she likes. :)