Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hey Everybody, 
I've been working on some swaps... Atc Swap (for Your Paper Pantry) Atc theme is : Spring
And the Stick Pin swap theme is "Rainy It's Pouring".  Here goes the pics of them.  Hope you enjoy them.

 The stamp set is from a convention , Lindys's Stamp Gang.  Their stamps are so darn cute.
 And this is the back of my tag for the Stick Pins....------------------------>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
 My Atc for the Spring Theme Swap over at Your PaperPantry.

Please leave me some comments if you like.  Thanks.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Ice Resin" To me it's the same thing as...

Enviro Tex Lite High Gloss Finish... There are two bottles... 16oz's each.  You mix these two together with equal parts.  Stir and then pour.  It's Heat and alcohol resistant.  Waterproof and no polishing required.  I  will take a picture of the box and all tomorrow and will upload the pic here.  I got this product from Michaels about 5 years ago.  Hubby has used it on his train layout to make a lake.  This stuff is half of the money than what "Ice Resin" is.  You can also get smaller kit.  Like I said... save you $$$ and get this stuff.  I also have "Flex" that goes with the UTTE when Suze W. had her name on the original hot pot which I still have along with the one that is out now.  She said the flex stuff mixed in with the Utee would help so the UTTE is more flexible and UTEE wouldn't break. 
Picture tomorrow of the Enviro Tex Lite.  It's late right now.  1:00am  Yep  I'm still up in my pj's and watching the Housewives of Orange County.  lol ggg (<------Giggle giggle giggle)

Question?... Is anyone going to see Titanic this weekend in 3D?  I saw the first one before 3D ever came and had bought the VHS tape (showing my age much? ) Going to ask hubby if he would take me over this weekend.  Leave a comment if any of you are reading this.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Where In the World is my Vagabond

Where In The World Is My Vagabond....
Over at Sizzix they are having a contest /promotion thing.
My Vagabond is the Jewel of the Crown for me. My Vagabond is at my dinning room table where we use to  This has turned into my stampin/scrapin table.  I love my Vagabond and my new Eclips to keep each other

I Love my new Eclips...

Sizzix Blinkie