Sunday, October 8, 2017

Happy Fall Everyone..

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted or even been here on my blog.  "Life" and then I think there is no one really reading blogs anymore.  But I'm going to try and post here even if I don't have much to say and start posting what I've made and created again.  I haven't done a video in a while either, I'm hoping I'll get  a chance to do videos again too, 

This is what I've worked on lately... Love Fall/Autumn time of the year and love the colors of the leaves, the smells and sounds... like when the neighbors first turn on their furnaces for the first time in the evening when there is a nip or a chill in the air.  The walking outside and crunching the leaves under your feet and hearing nothing but silence during the day cause all the kids are at school. LOL
Putting a blanket on at night but still having my sliding door open in my bedroom to feel the crisp air and the breezes.

Anywho... here goes a card that I've worked on...I used the #polishedstonetechnique on the leaves....

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happy New Year...And Happy New Products coming in 2017....

"Tim Holtz... Stamp Platform".

I can't wait, I was watching all the videos out there from Creativation 2017 that was in AZ last week.
I saw a sneak peek preview from Tim Holtz video: click on link below to watch :)
Stamp Platform... I can't wait to get mine, and so glad I didn't pay an arm and leg for that misti, this looks sooooo much better and well built.  Hey, if Tim invented Stamp Platform, I do trust it's quality is top notch.  
I pre-ordered mine over at Marco Paper... here goes the link to Marco's... Click on link below..
I got free shipping and handling and also 20% off all pre-ordered things at Marco's.  I only paid $31.99.  Can't beat that, and if the Stamp Platform is 2lbs... wow!! The free Shipping and Handling is a bonus.  Love Marco's.

I also pre-ordered some of Tim's other goodies that will be coming out over the months... Espcially the "Hipster" stamps... Love them.  Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year and Happy Creating!!! :-]