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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hi Everyone,
I've been busy working on some swaps this week for next month.  I'm on a swap over on SplitcoastStampers and we are making 28 stickpins.  I love making stick pins and when done will display them here after they are made before sending out.
      I got a lovely Valentines day card from a friend (laundryqueen88) and a lovely stitched Calendar from a rst friend and another lovely kimono card that opens with a note inside from another rst friend.  They are posted down below.  I just want to update on my loss of weight this week.  Last Monday I had lost 15 lbs. Since then today... Tuesday I have lost another 15 lbs.  Tomorrow I want to get outside before the weather gets bad and walk for 20 minutes.  Ü  It's crazy... I couldn't wait till I was  on the phase 2 food (pureed foods),I was a little frustrated this week, cause the pureed foods don't seem like I have as much food to eat or a bigger variety.  Hubby was like "well, look at the first phrase you were on...lol  He is right... it was nothing but clear liquids.
     I know that this was going to be like this... Just by reading our class notebook per-surgrey.  I'm going to start next month and go to the support group, and find out about our online support group as well.  Everyone who's been through this will probably understand the little complaints I have. Ü Ü  Okay, just my .2¢ worth this week.
Enjoy the rest of the week. Ü Tomorrow here it's going to rain in the afternoon.  -ugh-
Hugs. Ü

Thanks guys for the cards.  Made my day. Ü

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hi Everyone and hope someone is reading....
I had my appointment on Monday 21st 2013 with the doctor from the Bariatric Center.  I lost 14lbs since my gastric by-pass.  I'm so happy.  The doctor said that I won't have hunger pains.  But I will have to get it right with my head.  "Eyes Bigger than Your Stomach" syndrome....   I was so happy about the weight loss.  I'm now on Phase 2... "Pureed Foods"
I am aloud to have an egg, low fat sugar free plain yogurt.  I love
Greek Yogurt so I been eating that.  Pureed... peaches, pears, apricots (in juice or in water)  Ü  Aloud to have:
Fat Free/Sugar Free Pudding.... Butterscotch is good and so is Banana Cream is good and so is White Chocolate. 
Protein Shakes ... I bought these flavors from the Dr.'s office.... Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate and Banana.   I have put some of the pudding powders in the Vanilla shakes, and I got to tell you that it made it so yummie, it tasted like a milkshake... lol
        I'm also now taking vitamins and I got to tell you that the Calcium Citrate and Multi- Vitamin, and B-12, and iron . 
I'm going to ask my family Dr. if I can come to him once a month to just get a shot.  First I'll finish the 90 day supply of my vitamins and pills.   I got to tell you that these pills are bigger than the per-natal
vitamins, for you who have kids and had to take them while pregnant you know what I'm talking about...lol
Well, that's it for this week.  Feeling good about myself. Ü
Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Home....Glad to be home.

I'm so glad to finally be home.  I came home on Sunday and feeling pretty good.  No hunger pains no nothing.  Feels funny that I can walk in the kitchen and see a bag of chocolate caramels and twix candy bars on the counter and can just go past the counter and get a grape water or Popsicle and not want the candy...lol
Monday I will be going back to the doctors office... HopeBariatrics.
I put the link in one of my post down below.  I will probably be put on phase two..puree foods, but at least I will get to eat a little.  Right now I've been on clear liquids since last Thursday.  Day of the procedure (Gastric bypass).   I'm going to try and add something every month on my progress.  And once I get going I will also do vblog.  I'm home and recovering fine.  Thanks to all your wishes and prayers and cards.
Big Hugs. Ü

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My new life and New Year....

Hi Everyone,
Well it's the new year.  I am getting something done tomorrow to start a new healthy new year for myself.  I've always struggled with my weight all through my life.  So after all thought last year and going through the procedure I had to go through to get to this point was well worth it.

Tomorrow I will be getting Gastric By-pass done... At the Sewickly Hospital... My doctor is Dr. Felix.  He is from the :
http://www.hopebariatrics.com   located in Sewickly PA.

They took a before pic of me for the wall of Fame in their office and will do another photo of me after I have success with the gastric by-pass.

I'm excited and nervous and all going through my head right now.  But I know I will feel so much better after and loosing weight for this New Year and my New Life. 
Here goes a before pic of me taken by the the dietician on 12-12-12.
I will not put my before weight till after I loose my weight and reach my goal weight.  But will blog each month how much I've lost.