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Friday, August 26, 2011

Smash 2

My swap Partner Carolyn made me extra a mini book for notes and the tag. Don't you just love how it matches my cover on my Smash Book. Love the foil on these ds papers.

Smash Book Swap

I was in a Smash book swap. These are so popular and products from K&Company are sold out. Glad a I got my Pink smash book along with all the things you can add to your book. Anywho... Swap was to make a Smash book and send it to your partner and she in return send you her smash book for you . We could put titles on the book but my partner and I decided to leave blank, this way we could put anything for the title.
Here my smash book from my partner Carolyn. Oh the swap was over in YPP.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Rolodex ... Roldexing with my Homies Swap...

For this month's theme for the Rolodexing with My Homies Swap over at YPP.
Theme- My Favorite Artist- see if you can guest whom that may be....


Yep, I felt it here in NW PA. I was sitting in my desk chair finishing up on my swaps and putting address on them. And all of a sudden, my chair stated moving and the house was swaying... Then when I thought it stopped and swayed a little more.
You could hear the house settle. This is not the first earthquake we had, when Nick was a senior in school, he was up in the bathroom on the throne, and yelled down to me and asked what was that. I told him Earthquake. There is a fault from NY all the way down south. When I was in CA, there was a Earthquake then, I think it was only 6.0. Here I thought the west coast was only suppose to get them.
Oh well, all is well and nothing a shaking here tonight.