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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My new life and New Year....

Hi Everyone,
Well it's the new year.  I am getting something done tomorrow to start a new healthy new year for myself.  I've always struggled with my weight all through my life.  So after all thought last year and going through the procedure I had to go through to get to this point was well worth it.

Tomorrow I will be getting Gastric By-pass done... At the Sewickly Hospital... My doctor is Dr. Felix.  He is from the :
http://www.hopebariatrics.com   located in Sewickly PA.

They took a before pic of me for the wall of Fame in their office and will do another photo of me after I have success with the gastric by-pass.

I'm excited and nervous and all going through my head right now.  But I know I will feel so much better after and loosing weight for this New Year and my New Life. 
Here goes a before pic of me taken by the the dietician on 12-12-12.
I will not put my before weight till after I loose my weight and reach my goal weight.  But will blog each month how much I've lost.