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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hi Everyone and hope someone is reading....
I had my appointment on Monday 21st 2013 with the doctor from the Bariatric Center.  I lost 14lbs since my gastric by-pass.  I'm so happy.  The doctor said that I won't have hunger pains.  But I will have to get it right with my head.  "Eyes Bigger than Your Stomach" syndrome....   I was so happy about the weight loss.  I'm now on Phase 2... "Pureed Foods"
I am aloud to have an egg, low fat sugar free plain yogurt.  I love
Greek Yogurt so I been eating that.  Pureed... peaches, pears, apricots (in juice or in water)  Ü  Aloud to have:
Fat Free/Sugar Free Pudding.... Butterscotch is good and so is Banana Cream is good and so is White Chocolate. 
Protein Shakes ... I bought these flavors from the Dr.'s office.... Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate and Banana.   I have put some of the pudding powders in the Vanilla shakes, and I got to tell you that it made it so yummie, it tasted like a milkshake... lol
        I'm also now taking vitamins and I got to tell you that the Calcium Citrate and Multi- Vitamin, and B-12, and iron . 
I'm going to ask my family Dr. if I can come to him once a month to just get a shot.  First I'll finish the 90 day supply of my vitamins and pills.   I got to tell you that these pills are bigger than the per-natal
vitamins, for you who have kids and had to take them while pregnant you know what I'm talking about...lol
Well, that's it for this week.  Feeling good about myself. Ü
Have a great weekend.