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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hi Everyone,
I've been busy working on some swaps this week for next month.  I'm on a swap over on SplitcoastStampers and we are making 28 stickpins.  I love making stick pins and when done will display them here after they are made before sending out.
      I got a lovely Valentines day card from a friend (laundryqueen88) and a lovely stitched Calendar from a rst friend and another lovely kimono card that opens with a note inside from another rst friend.  They are posted down below.  I just want to update on my loss of weight this week.  Last Monday I had lost 15 lbs. Since then today... Tuesday I have lost another 15 lbs.  Tomorrow I want to get outside before the weather gets bad and walk for 20 minutes.  Ü  It's crazy... I couldn't wait till I was  on the phase 2 food (pureed foods),I was a little frustrated this week, cause the pureed foods don't seem like I have as much food to eat or a bigger variety.  Hubby was like "well, look at the first phrase you were on...lol  He is right... it was nothing but clear liquids.
     I know that this was going to be like this... Just by reading our class notebook per-surgrey.  I'm going to start next month and go to the support group, and find out about our online support group as well.  Everyone who's been through this will probably understand the little complaints I have. Ü Ü  Okay, just my .2¢ worth this week.
Enjoy the rest of the week. Ü Tomorrow here it's going to rain in the afternoon.  -ugh-
Hugs. Ü

Thanks guys for the cards.  Made my day. Ü