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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Home....Glad to be home.

I'm so glad to finally be home.  I came home on Sunday and feeling pretty good.  No hunger pains no nothing.  Feels funny that I can walk in the kitchen and see a bag of chocolate caramels and twix candy bars on the counter and can just go past the counter and get a grape water or Popsicle and not want the candy...lol
Monday I will be going back to the doctors office... HopeBariatrics.
I put the link in one of my post down below.  I will probably be put on phase two..puree foods, but at least I will get to eat a little.  Right now I've been on clear liquids since last Thursday.  Day of the procedure (Gastric bypass).   I'm going to try and add something every month on my progress.  And once I get going I will also do vblog.  I'm home and recovering fine.  Thanks to all your wishes and prayers and cards.
Big Hugs. Ü