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Friday, February 15, 2013

Thanks Honey...Every Kiss Begins with Kay Ü

Thanks a bunch Honey...Every Kiss Begins With Kay Ü


What a wonderful Valentines Day I had. I have a very wonderful hubby who spoils me rotten.  I was so hungry for chocolate but instead he gave me something sweeter....lol  Bling bling...lol
I also want to thank a friend Denise K from over on "RST" list that we are all on.  She sent me a lovely Valentine's Day card...See card below. 
This month it's been not bad, but I do get a little hungry in my mind... .. I complain and hubby says "I feel bad for you honey".  And I just tell him...let me complain and you listen.  He does. Ü  He waited on me hand and foot when I came home from my Gastric Bypass and catered to my needs.  I love him for all this and then some.  He's a keeper....Ü
I go to the fat doctor on Feb 25th and will find out if I start phase 3 of Gastric bypass.
Hugs to all....

Valentines Card from Denise K....