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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Weight Loss... Yippie Skippie

Everyone was asking me about my weight loss.  I had my Gastric Bypass done in January 10,2013 and had my before picture taken at the doctor's office....

Now here is a picture of me now..8 months after...
I now weight is 152 lbs.  The jeans I have on are a size 16 and I can pull them down without unbuttoning the button and not even pull down the zipper.  I know TMI...lol  I can even get into a smaller size jean.  My shirt is a large, I was never able to get into that size 8 months ago, let alone even look at a small shirt...lol 

I feel so good and have so mucccccccccccchhhhhhhhh  Energy. It was so much fun to go do a little shopping, I needed some new clothes, my fat clothes were just hanging on me and looked terrible.  When I was trying on clothes, it was funny... I headed for the big girl fat clothes and not even thinking to head over to the skinny smaller size clothes...lol  hubby laughed his ass off. 

This week, I'm going to go and shop for a dress, hubby's nephew is getting married... It's been about as long as I've been married (30 yrs) since I've bought a new dress or even tried on one... this will be a fun experience.  Hubby's nephew fiancee said to me "That's what makes shopping fun, when your skinny, to be able to try on so many fun clothes and feel good about it".  I am planning on going into Victoria Secrets... I'm going to see how it feels to wear and try on some really Lacey frilly things...lol
It's not even been a year yet, and I'm down to my goal.  Maybe I can even get down to 145 lbs by the end of the year. 
Thank you all for the encouragement and sharing this journey with me ... And Thanks to my hubby and sons for their support and much encouragement too.  I love you all.