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Monday, February 25, 2013

Hi Everyone
Hope you had a great weekend.  Today was the day I went to the fat doctor again for my check up and weigh in....Drum rolllllllllll please.... Since January 10, 2013 I have lost a total of 43 pounds.   Yippie and I'm doing a happy dance. Hubby goes with me to the visits and said how proud he is of me.  He lost another 2 pounds...lol (doing this on his own.)  He supports me and I love him for it.  He said I can tell you are loosing....I can see you are loosing how my clothes are just hanging on me. 
This is something I'm so proud of... "Me" doing something that I am accomplishing not raising kids not taken care of the house and all other stuff in my life.... Just "Me accomplishing this for Me."  Don't get me wrong, I love my sons and love my husband and have always taken care of them....cooking...cleaning..paying bills, grocery shopping,laundry, taxi driver, referee, etc...list goes on and on.  You know how it is to have kids and all and just taking care of all them and not thinking about yourself ...you on the back burner.   I am finally taken control of myself.

I am not in phase 3- Bland foods stage.  I never had Salmon before and now am aloud to have that and other meats, provided my little belly can handle it.  Going to look up some recipes on Salmon, our one grocery store has a fish deli section where there is fresh fish... Will be checking that out this week.  What is strange is... I have no hunger pains in my stomach at all.  I love it.  And some more good news... well for me anyways...lol  I have heard so many people talking about "Tuesday Mornings"... on our way home from the doctor's office I looked over at the side of out Mall, and lord and behold... There is a "Tuesday Mornings"!!! whooo hooo  Over this weekend we will be heading over there...lol

Okay, have a great week.