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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Maya Road "Winter Warehouse Sale"

Maya Road Winter Warehouse Sale....
Did you ever get emails and look in the subject line, and wondering what it's hinting to to entice you to open it? I would get this email every winter with the subject line "Maya Road's Winter Warehouse Sale. I would delete it because I figure it was like any other company that would have these big ole' sales, but they were just local for whomever lived near to run to their warehouse and stand and line and get the great buys. I know that Making Memories has them and on their blog they show all the MM fans waiting to charge in there and buy everything on sale. We other creative people don't get the chance to participate
because we don't live near or are living in that state. To make a long winded story short... I opened this said email and low and behold, it was for everyone, not just living near but for Everyone online as well. Yippie I thought to myself as I read this wonderful email. I took a chance and bought a box, knowing not what would be in this box, but I know I do like Maya Road and their tins of goodies and their chipboard books.
It was $49.99 (shipping and handling free). It was delivered by the way of Fed-Ex. I didn't know what to expect, just only it would be a full box of stuff from their warehouse.
Oh my..... Goodies and goodies of wonderful stuff... I was doing a happy dance when the
Fed-ex truck came down the drive way. I ripped it open and yet so careful... Yes this was a fun day for mail...lol Here are the things that I got, this is the first batch that I took out of the box.... (see picture up above ^).... Maya Road Mist (forest green metallic mist)...1/2 inch  25yds of ribbon that is almost like acrylic with dasmak and flower designs. Never seen this kind of ribbon before. Three packets of different ribbons and Maya Road rub-ons and a packet of Kraft Alphabet Tags... 30 pieces and 4 blanks... (ex...A is for Adorable...B is for Beautiful... F is for Friend...etc..) ... I have more pictures of the wonderful box I got from them and SO VERY PLEASED.. (can't you tell...lol ;) I have to get dinner done and run to the store, when I come back I will post the rest... keeping you in needles....lol
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