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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Altered Books

Front of My Altered Book

Sign In Pages

My Tea Bag Folding Page
I was two "Altered Book Swaps" years ago. What you do, you get some used books (hardcover books) and you "Alter them"  You can cut a hole in the center of the cover called a "niche" (sp?) Make a theme with your Altered book.  I like tea and pears and stuff... So I choose Tea for my theme.  You make sign in pages and then you do a couple pages of your them and can also alter the pages ripping them distressing them add things to the pages... sky and creativity is all up to you.  Then you get some friends who start a swap, you send your book around to the others and they have to add to your theme of the book, can do as many pages they like.  Until the whole book has been passed around and worked in my swap members your book will come back to you all filled with different art work and creativity.  My other book was a Christmas Altered book, this is where we used Old Christmas cards that were sent in the holidays and we altered the cards and such and put them in the pages of the book.  Adding embellishments and what everyone just felt like adding to their pages.  I hope enjoy.