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Friday, December 4, 2015

One of my First Pocket Letters for Christmas:

 Gee it's been a while since I've posted... Here goes one of my first Pocket Letter's for Christmas theme:

Front: I used my stamps and gold embossing powder... the stamped Gold embossed Santa face the saying says "Working for Milk and Cookies"...lol  The shaker (bottom right corner) I put confetti in... the confetti shapes are candy canes and Gingerbread men and Christmas light bulbs.  And there is confetti in the one pocket where the snowman is.  The tag is stamped and the tag is canvas. :)

 Back :

 I stamped and embossed the House Mouse with the bows on their heads and Used 3 D Lacquer (it's an envelope for pocket letters... :) ) I also used Red Tinsel embossing powder on the other envelope where the Santa face is in the center, I also stamped and embossed in red Merry Christams.  I used some decorative ribbons to cover two of the pocket cards.  The bottom center is a stamped and embossed snowman and the saying above his head is stamped and embossed in red and says "Fat snowmen last longer". :)  The Happy New Year stamped image is embossed in Gold embossing powder. Along with the gold snowflakes (stamped and embossed) on the top left pocket and the saying is also embossed and says "My Friends Are All Flakes"... lol