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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Don't Have A Laser Printer To Foil With?

Well, I played with the "Toner Powder" and some old foil that I've had for a long time.  Right now all the rage besides Pocket Letter Pals (Plp) is "Gold & Foiling".  

I don't have a Laser Printer which seems to be needed to have the Foil stick to after you print something from the laser. Not sure how much it would cost each time I wanted something printed to use the foil that everyone seems to be playing with.

I went on over to YouTube, where you can find anything or everything to learn or try or get great ideas.... Which I did, I typed in Foiling and let the videos play one right after another, while I listen while I was probably making Pocket letters in my craft area.. I heard this women talk about "Toner Powder" and how it's used for "Laser Printers".  I got up and went into the living room and looked at the tv screen and proceeded to watch the video.  Video down below, (posted yesterday 7/20/15).  Well, I had bought the Toner Powder a few weeks ago and didn't really play.  So I did last night, and here is the outcome.  Remember I used my old foil stuff that I've had for years.... "What's Old Is New Again" right?  I still even have my old old Foiling Hot Pen from way back when.  lol  Remember Hero Arts sold their foil square sheets and also another company sold the on tiny cardbaord rolls and I have that very needle thin point for the glue for the foil...lolroflmao.. Anywho...  These are the results,it's hard to tell on this scan, but the foil is there and the Toner Powder worked.  I probably just need to buy some of that new foil that's out there. I hear the buzz word "Transfer Foil" too.  What do you think?