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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Finding Images to Print and or alter...

Hi Everyone,
I been seeing some messages on boards and so on like this "This collection is exclusive or these pictures are exclusive and so on" and are not to be distribute outside a group (the groups you  pay to swap in).... well.... I seen some of these pictures that some are posting to the groups and I must say I'm peeved....  Because these groups and whom are posting the pictures are getting some of these photos right off the internet.  You can get images and download and use for your personal use by going to a search engine and type in ...ex

Halloween Vintage Pictures or Christmas Vintage Pictures in the search engine.  I like to use Google, you can choose the size of your pictures or images ...etc... on Google... never really tried Bing, I've always used Google for vintage images.  This is free to do and download and alter and use in your personal use.  I'm just so tired of these people or groups who think they can just use the "search and images and or pics and say, oh you can't share them outside the group... -ugh-...  Here are some images I found from the Google search page for Halloween Vintage images....