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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Everyone should recognize her... It's Suze Weinberg..".Invented the original Hot Pot"..

Convention Fun... "Suze Weinberg " 

I took her class many many yrs ago and let me tell you, it was the best... She handed out a 20 techniques book which I still have and refer to from her class, we did so many techniques that she couldn't show them all in the two hour class, that's why she handed out her booklets to everyone who took her class.  I also took my book along that she wrote.... Picture down below.  She is the one I think who came up with the Original Hot Pot... I still have my first one which is round,way before the other one she came up with the triangular one.  Which is now sold by Ranger.  Aw memories...lol  I have to laugh when I see these pictures of myself ...compared to then and compared to Now the way I look.... I lost a whole person ...lol almost 300 lbs (261 lbs.) now down to 118 lbs.  :-)