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Friday, April 25, 2014

Mail Art "Mixed Media Theme"... =)

Mail Art:

Mixed Media  =)

I made these for a Mail Art Swap... Theme is "Mixed Media".
I used all that I had at home without having to go out and buy anything.  Hey, what we use everyday in our lives... I consider that "Mixed Media"...ggg  ;-)   If you like to know more on how and what I used to create the pieces of my mail art... Go on over to YouTube and type in their search box:  Robin LaVonne Moore  There you will find out in my video what I did to them.  Here goes some pics of the mail art I created...  Love the texture and feel of them.  Feel like leather and roughness....gggg  Hope you like them, leave a comment if you like.  Enjoy your weekend... I know I will... I'm going to my beloved "Stamping Convention"...Adventures in Stamping...  :-)   Bye for now.