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Friday, January 7, 2011

Tins tins,oh how I love my Maya Road tins...

And the goodies that came in the tins from Maya Road...
There are a set of 28 clear stamps with images of clocks and their hands,
Maya Road Sheer Alphabets, the are pvc free and come in 60 pieces..You
can do what ever and altered them...alachol inks, chalks inks...dip them
in you hot Utte...Reminds me, I need to get my hot pot out and play, it's been
a while...lol oops didn't mean to go of the road...lol Maya Road Fresh Chipboard
Blossoms with 36 pieces and you can punch and use them separately as 72
pieces. I could paint them,sand them,crackle them,turn them into accents and more.

Oh and I almost forgot to tell you about the other tin
that is on the left side of this picture...they are "Log Cards"
1"to 5" and there are 40 cards.  They will be perfect journaling 
for projects and mini's. These are semi-clear non pvc
die cuts. I can write on them with a permanent marker
and I can attach them to my projects or minis with a staple,
glue or eyeltets.  Or put a bunch of them together and make
a mini album .  Which reminds me, I am going to do a 
Tb swap and one or two of these would be cool and neat
in them.
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